Vehicle Warranty Options:

CheckMark(2)Limited powertrain warranty for qualified vehicles
CheckMark(2)Coverage includes the engine, electric/hybrid motor, turbocharger, transmission and drive axle
CheckMark(2)Towing reimbursement

Lease Protection Warranty:

CheckMark(2)Service contract for leased vehicles
CheckMark(2)Avoid end-of-lease and missing equipment charges
CheckMark(2)Match coverage to lease term with unlimited miles and no deductible

GAP Protect:

CheckMark(2)Guaranteed asset protection for auto.
CheckMark(2)Closes the “gap” between insurance payout and actual value in the event of a total loss
CheckMark(2)Insurance deductible reimbursement up to $1,000

Appearance Protection:

CheckMark(2)Interior and exterior protection for auto, RV and powersports
CheckMark(2)Advanced chemicals fuse a shield to paint, fabric, leather and vinyl surfaces
CheckMark(2)Applications performed at dealership by trained technicians

Dent Protect:

CheckMark(2)Exterior protection for new and pre-owned vehicles
CheckMark(2)Coverage includes any dent, ding or crease that can be resolved through the paintless dent repair 
CheckMark(2)Unlimited claims with no deductible

Key Protect:

CheckMark(2)Key protection for auto, RV and powersports
CheckMark(2)No-deductible reimbursement for the cost to replace lost or damaged keys and remotes
CheckMark(2)$100 roadside assistance benefit included

Tire & Wheel Protect:

CheckMark(2)Tire and wheel protection for auto, RV and powersports
CheckMark(2)Reimbursement for the cost to repair or replace tires and wheels damaged by road hazards
CheckMark(2)Up to 8 years of coverage with no deductible

Theft Protect:

CheckMark(2)Theft deterrence for auto, RV and powersports
CheckMark(2)Permanent, unique code labels or window etchings deter thieves and help police identify recovered vehicles
CheckMark(2)No-deductible cash benefit if a covered vehicle is stolen and not recovered