Honda Motor Company is a Japanese car maker that was founded by Soichiro Honda in 1948. The company has navigated a long and sometimes rocky road and is, today, respected for the production of reliable and durable cars. In America, the brand is well respected and commands a loyal market. Zimmerman Honda is the supplier of choice for Honda vehicles in Eastern Iowa, offering great deals on a Honda Eastern Iowa.

For a company that entered the market as a maker of cheap motorbikes for a Japanese market emerging from the devastation caused by World War 2, Honda has penned a remarkable story. The company has grown to now offer vehicles in several classes, and can now compete on both engineering and technological capability with industry giants like BMW and Toyota.

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Honda first exported cars to America in 1970, the small N600. They found the market somewhat challenging but soon found massive appeal, thanks to their next offering, the larger Honda Civic. It was still considered small by American standards but was, critically, cheaper with very high fuel efficiency compared to competing brands. This was and is, to this day, a big attraction for car buyers. Our inventory at Zimmerman Honda has the widest range of Honda Civic models, along with other great deals on a Honda Eastern Iowa.

Honda further cemented their place in the American auto market with the introduction of the Honda Accord. The decision, in 1982, to start manufacturing the Accord in America proved a boon for the car's accent to the top of the market. In the next couple of years, the Accord grew to become America's most popular car. The Accord is, accordingly, one of Zimmerman Honda's top selling cars, and some of our great deals on a Honda Eastern Iowa are on this iconic car.

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