The Honda Clarity is a new revolutionary plug-in hybrid model that is sold here at Zimmerman Honda. Fans of innovative hybrid models now have another great reason to get excited. The all new Honda Clarity allows you to drive on electric mode, and when the electricity runs out, the gas mode will kick in to keep you going. This means far less fill ups at the gas station, and this in turn saves lots of money for the hybrid driver. Great prices on a Honda Clarity DeWitt, IA are in place here at Zimmerman Honda. Now is the time to speak to us about current MSRP prices on the new Honda Clarity and on other new inventory selections. We always aim to offer you low prices on new and used vehicles that we have for sale. Contact us for more details.

The City of DeWitt, Iowa is a place filled with opportunity. The area continues to grow as more families move here due to its inviting nature, fun things to do, outgoing locals, and robust economic development. Zimmerman Honda is proud to serve DeWitt, Iowa, the Quad City area, and all Illinois locations. We welcome anyone from neighboring states, such as Iowa, and even states that lie further away from Illinois. Every driver that comes to Zimmerman Honda will get amazing customer service, great prices on a Honda Clarity DeWitt, IA, and lots of unique services from our service department, express service center, parts department, and our body shop. Please remember to speak to us about our exceptional vehicle prices, our MSRPs on vehicles for sale, and how we can assist you with your personal needs.

Finding great prices on a Honda Clarity DeWitt, IA is easy with Zimmerman Honda. Again, the Clarity allows you to charge it from home while saving you trips to the gas station. This is one huge advantage of owning this new hybrid vehicle from Honda. Many states also allow HOV lane access for plug-in hybrid models (of course check information regarding your state’s rules and regulations about this), and there are also a lot of states that give you federal tax credit and state incentives for owning a hybrid model. Again, do your research to find out about your state’s rules. A Zimmerman Honda professional may also be able to help you in regards to this information about the Honda Clarity. Great prices on a Honda Clarity DeWitt, IA starts here at our dealership.

The Honda Clarity has several convenient charging options that our experts can tell you about. In addition, we have very good MSRP rates on our vehicles for sale. Please talk to us about our prices. You can also use your smartphone to stay connected your plug-in hybrid Clarity vehicle. Our professionals will give you more information about the advanced technology associated with the Honda Clarity and our great prices on a Honda Clarity DeWitt, IA. Contact Zimmerman Honda today for more details about this newest plug-in hybrid from Honda.