Honda Certified Iowa City


Honda certified Iowa City vehicles from Zimmerman Honda are a great choice when you are searching for top of the line used makes and models. There are many drivers that go to private, individual sellers outside of a dealership and invest in a used model. The old saying of “buyer beware” is in effect when you do this. You have no idea about the current condition of the vehicle except for what the private seller tells you. This is a risk that you should not have to take, and Zimmerman Honda has Honda certified pre-owned vehicles for sale at affordable rates to prevent the “buyer beware” situation from becoming something that ends up costing you tons of money on maintenance and repairs on your end. Honda certified Iowa City vehicles are for all Iowa City, IA drivers and drivers from other out of state locations. Our Moline, IL dealership does business with people across the state of Illinois and from all other states.

So what are the advantages to buying a Honda certified Iowa City vehicle over what you get from a private seller? Well, all of our certified pre-owned vehicles must not have more than 80,000 miles behind the odometer and have to be less than six years old. There is a thorough multi-point inspection that takes place from professional Zimmerman Honda mechanics. We inspect every certified Honda inside and out to make sure you are receiving a quality make and model. You also get a great powertrain limited warranty, special financing rates on select models, the peace of mind of knowing that any worn out parts have to be replaced before the vehicle can become a Honda certified Iowa City model and a free vehicle history report. You also get a free trial period involving SiriusXM Radio. Zimmerman Honda in Moline, IL is the place to shop for Honda certified Iowa City vehicles.

In addition to our certified pre-owned vehicle selections, Zimmerman Honda has a new vehicle inventory containing the latest Honda vehicles in stock. We sell Honda cars, Honda trucks, Honda vans, Honda SUVs, Honda crossovers and Honda hybrid models at competitive prices. Our pre-owned inventory is another great place to shop. We sell only quality pre-owned vehicles. You will find customer friendly pricing associated with our Zimmerman Honda used vehicle selection just like our awesome pricing on Honda certified Iowa City vehicles.

Zimmerman Honda also has vehicles for under $10,000. You can view our used vehicle inspection process and our Honda certified inspection process on this website by going to the appropriate links that we have posted. Honda certified Iowa City makes and models are popular selections among the larger driving masses. These vehicles are bringing lots of joy to families and solo drivers from all walks of life. Our dealership will also value your trade-in. Your trade-in vehicle may be put into our pre-owned inventory and priced according to its condition and mileage for another customer to purchase, so you are doing a good thing when you trade in your vehicle. Contact Zimmerman Honda today to find out more about our Honda certified Iowa City models.