2017 honda cr v touring awd front three quartersIt is tough competition out there when it comes to the SUV automobile category. Zimmerman Honda in Moline, IL understands that other auto manufacturers, such as Subaru, are constantly changing things up with their SUV lineup in a head to head battle. We will take a look at the Honda CR-V vs Subaru Outback Cedar Rapids, IA 52404, and you can decide for yourself which of these 2020 sport utility vehicles is the better choice. The 2020 Honda CR-V Bettendorf, IA is a compact crossover SUV for sale Quad Cities whereas the 2020 Subaru Outback has more of a classic wagon SUV look. There is nothing wrong with either one of these choices in terms of SUV appearance. Zimmerman Honda can customize your 2020 Honda CR-V Muscatine, IA and provide you with our 2020 Honda CR-V trims Peoria, IL 61607.

The Honda CR-V vs Subaru Outback Cedar Rapids, IA is honestly a tough choice. The 2020 Outback is an all-new SUV for sale Rock Island, IL, but the Honda CR-V just received a wonderful face-lift for the 2020 model year. However, the Honda CR-V has a hybrid engine option whereas the Subaru Outback does not offer this. In addition, the 2020 Honda CR-V for sale Coal Valley, IL has better cargo space than the Subaru Outback 2020, but ironically the Subaru Outback is a bigger vehicle in contrast to the compact Honda CR-V Quad Cities for sale. It is all about the interior layout when it comes to these two SUVs here, and Zimmerman Honda prefers the Honda CR-V’s interior clever cargo space. Honda CR-V vs Subaru Outback Cedar Rapids, IA 52411 are equals when it comes to SUV exterior style Moline, IL and SUV technology features Kewanee, IL.

One thing is that for off-road ability, the Subaru Outback edges out the Honda CR-V here. The Subaru Outback XT is a very good off-road performer. This does not mean that the 2020 Honda CR-V has no off-road ability because it does, but the Outback Subaru SUV is more rugged and tends to perform well in off-road driving scenarios. In terms of SUV pricing for the Honda CR-V vs Subaru Outback Cedar Rapids, IA, Iowa City, IA, West Burlington, IA, Peoria, IL and Davenport, IA, the 2020 CR-V Honda is more affordable than the Outback, but not by too much, so customers once again have a tough choice here. Zimmerman Honda can tell you all about the 2020 Honda CR-V crossover for sale Quad Cities and our lowest prices Honda CR-Vs for sale Muscatine, IA.

Please ask about MSRP Honda CR-V pricing at Zimmerman Honda in Moline for our best Honda CR-V deals Peoria, IL 61610. Choosing the ultimate winner from the Honda CR-V vs Subaru Outback Cedar Rapids, IA contest is up to you. You can see the benefits of both of these SUVs and take some time to expand on your SUV reviews Quad Cities. Zimmerman Honda backs 2020 Honda CR-Vs with low pricing, good cargo space and nice styling. Contact us for additional CR-V Honda cost and features today.