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Coal Valley has a vibrant and interesting history that is based on hardworking pioneers that worked as trappers, farmers, and in many cases miners. Because this is a place built on integrity, hard work, and honesty, a Honda dealer near Coal Valley must possess those same traits. Zimmerman Honda has proven over the past 60 years that it deserves to be a Honda dealer near Coal Valley to serve its residents.

Coal Valley is unique in many ways, so residents want a Honda dealer near Coal Valley that captures that spirit. For instance, the name of the village was established by the Coal Valley Mining Company. In 1876 voters decided to make Coal Valley a village, which seems like a perfect fit to anyone that has visited the area with its quaint downtown. The area started as a traditional mining town, and you can still get a sense of that tenacity even though mining ended in the area in 1942. Zimmerman Honda is up to the challenge of Coal Valley.

A Honda dealer near Coal Valley needs to be flexible just like the area was able to transform itself after mining left. Zimmerman Honda is flexible to make buying easier for our customers. We provide as much information on our website as possible so you can do the shopping before you visit our dealership. Unlike other dealerships that are stuck in the past, a Honda dealer near Coal Valley must be able to adapt to the changing world.

Today, a Honda dealer near Coal Valley may not see a customer until they are on the lot ready to buy a car, truck, or SUV. This isn’t because people don’t enjoy looking at cars. In fact, cars are even more fun to buy than ever before because Zimmerman Honda allows you to do all of the tedious stuff before you come to our dealership. This means you can search our new vehicle inventory, certified inventory, or pre-owned inventory online and choose the automobile that fits your requirements.

Not only does a Honda dealer near Coal Valley need to make finding the cars customers want easy, they must make the entire buying process a snap. Zimmerman Honda‘s website allows you to do everything but test drive the vehicles and drive one home. Our site provides you with current specials, the ability to get a trade-in evaluation, and complete a credit application online. By the time you come see us, must of the hard work is done, so we can focus on getting you in your vehicle as soon as possible. In fact, you can schedule a sales appointment, so the timing is convenient for you.

Finally, a Honda dealer near Coal Valley should focus on creating lifelong customers, because that is the greatest sign of amazing customer service. Zimmerman Honda is dedicated to creating loyal customers and a better community, so they provide customer loyalty savings, mobility programs for individuals that require vehicle modifications, and a graduate program that helps get recent college grads into an automobile they can afford. You will see a difference in this Honda dealer near Coal Valley.