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The City of Peoria, Illinois can rely on Zimmerman Honda, a trustworthy and extroverted Honda dealer near Peoria for quality vehicles. Peoria, IL is definitely one of the most prevalent cities in the state of Illinois when it comes to population and it happens to be the biggest city situated right along the salient and beautiful Illinois River. Peoria is known for its distinctive history, modern day culture that includes local museums, artists, musicians, actors and actresses performing live on stage for theatrical events to the larger public and an annual fair, known as the Heart of Illinois Fair, that engages both locals and tourists in a fun environment. A Honda dealer near Peoria is perfect for when you require dependable transportation. Zimmerman Honda in Moline, Illinois serves the City of Peoria and all Illinois locations. We also do business with numerous Iowa locations, and all drivers from different states are welcome to schedule a sales appointment and meet our team of professionals to discuss financing offers on our vehicles. Zimmerman Honda sells a lot of new Honda models. Our new vehicle inventory calls out to many Peoria drivers. This Honda dealer near Peoria has specific Honda models in stock including the Honda Fit, Accord, Ridgeline, Pilot, Civic and many other superb choices.


Drivers in Peoria have their sights set on finding the best vehicles at the best prices possible. Here at Zimmerman Honda in Moline, our Zimmerman Honda models are competitively priced. This is apart of the Zimmerman loyalty that you receive when you are a customer with our dealership. Other great things about doing business with Zimmerman Honda, a Honda dealer near Peoria, is the fact that we offer vehicles for under $10,000, flexible financing, good used vehicles from Bettendorf Auto Sales, a separate dealership run by Zimmerman Honda professionals, and Honda Customer Mobility Assistance for disabled drivers. Our focus is to always make sure you are content with our service and your experience with our dealership here in Moline, Illinois. Many Peoria drivers can attest to our devotion. Read over our customer reviews and see for yourself what others are saying about Zimmerman Honda in Moline, Illinois. We are one Honda dealer near Peoria that makes sure we give you plenty of great options when it comes to new, used and certified inventory vehicle selections. You can meet with our finance team to discuss loan options or simply fill out our online credit application to get started. We also do leasing. A Honda lease in Moline from Zimmerman Honda is an alternative choice to standard financing. You can discuss leasing versus financing and see which one you prefer by speaking to our experts.


Zimmerman Honda in Moline, IL is located at John Deere Rd. & 70th Street in Moline. We respect all of our competition within the local area and throughout the state of Illinois. This Honda dealer near Peoria wants your business. In order to get your business (assuming that we do not have you as a customer already), come and test drive any model/s you desire, ask all the questions you want and get the right answers from our knowledgeable professionals, and experience the high level of customer satisfaction that so many others have received. Our top-notch salespeople will guide you and talk to you without ever forcing you into a sale or applying pressure on you to do something you question. That is not how this Honda dealer near Peoria runs our business. Zimmerman Honda is all about pleasing you and getting you to come back time and time again as a return customer for financing, service department jobs, replacement parts or accessories for your vehicle. Contact Zimmerman Honda, and discover our award winning history and how this history is still playing out today!