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The "Quad Cities" are located along the Mid-Mississippi Valley region of the United States. The term specifically refers to multiple communities found in Iowa and Illinois, two states that border one another. Davenport, Iowa; Moline, Illinois; Rock Island, Illinois; Bettendorf, Iowa; and East Moline, Illinois are the specific communities that make up the Quad City region. The area used to be known as the "Tri Cities" before the First World War and only included Rock Island, Moline, and Davenport. However, Rock Island County began to augment in population and business, so East Moline was eventually introduced into the picture and became a part of the "Tri Cities" region, thus the name changed over to "Quad Cities."


Located west of the Chicagoland area, the "Quad Cities" region was once a trading place for Sauk and Fox Indian tribes. Historical landmarks, such as the Black Hawk State Site in Rock Island, still denote the existence of the Sauk tribal village in this region, and it was also where the tribe's leader, Black Hawk was born. Eventually the Europeans would settle into the "Quad Cities" area, but it was the Native Americans who initially owned the land. Over time there was a surge for river based transportation, but some parts of the Mississippi River were extremely hard to get around in this region. Steamboats would have great difficulty over the rocky rapids of the Mississippi in this region, and eventually a minor industry cropped up in the area to assist with the needs of the steamboats. The "Quad Cities" region became a resting pit stop for boats that required expert pilots to help navigate the vessel through the turbulent waters. Today, the rocks that were causing problems for the European settlers are now well underwater, locked in a lake with the construction of several dams.


The "Quad Cities" area was also where the first railroad bridge was constructed across the great Mississippi. This bridge connected the cities of Davenport and Rock Island. Today, the "Quad Cities" are extremely popular, and many people have flocked to this region of the country to settle down and raise a family. Big time companies, such as Alcoa, Nortrax, and YASH Technologies are located in this area. Education in the "Quad Cities" region is also outstanding. Numerous colleges and universities are located in the "Quad Cities." There are also plenty of restaurants and entertainment venues all across the area that attract tourists, especially during the warmer summer months (some historical information in this article was obtained from Wikipedia).


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