Want a fantastic experience buying your next vehicle--see Luis and you most certainly will!! Luis was born in Mantanzas, Cuba and migrated to the USA in 1962 and attended Mt. Pleasant, Iowa schools graduating in 1965. During that summer Luis applied to work for SS Kresge Corp, now known as Kmart, as a management trainee in the Des Moines, Iowa area and has since retired after 35 years in a management capacity with Kmart. Not content with idle time Luis started a second career some 11 years ago in the auto sales business with Honda vehicles and has been at it since. Zimmerman Honda welcomes Luis to our well-known and respected sales force with the goal of being the very best, having fun and exceeding his customers expectations 100% of the time which is an exact fit to the philosophy of Zimmerman Honda. If you want to work with the best consultant and get the best deal on that new Honda or quality pre-owned vehicle let Luis help you and you'll be glad you did!!! Luis is normally involved with family business on Wednesday's but feel free to contact him at 309-517-2226 or by contacting him on the form below anytime he can assist you!

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