Zimmerman Honda Safety


One of the most important things the automakers of Honda vehicles want you to know is that you can feel safe when driving one of their new or pre-owned vehicles off the lot. Honda safety goes beyond just protecting both drivers and passengers. Honda wants their vehicles designed to reduce the chance of injury to another driver or a pedestrian who might be crossing the street in front of you while you are driving. Thanks to advancements in technology and more innovative safety features, new Honda vehicles are now using top of the line safety equipment within their vehicles. The ingenious makers at Honda scan beyond government regulations and take real world scenarios into the equation when developing the right kind of safety devices for their vehicles.   


As a driver of a Honda automobile, you want to know how safe your Honda is. There are different Honda model types, each with their own unique safety features, and we will take a closer look at some of these vehicles and how they performed on crash safety tests. For example, the gorgeous Honda Odyssey is a Minivan style vehicle with some of the most advanced safety features available on Honda vehicles. This Minivan scored a five out of five rating on frontal and side impact crash tests, which probe into the safety of both front and rear occupants, along with the driver and passenger. The Honda Odyssey also scored an outstanding four out of five stars, when it came to rollover resistance, something that takes more lives each year than just regular accidents. When a vehicle rolls over, the chances of driver and occupant injury augments dramatically, especially if no seat belts are being worn, and there are no air bag devices to give you a pillow of space between you and the wheel/dashboard. The Honda Odyssey is equipped with advanced air bag features, including a front head airbag, an adjustable rear upper belt, a side front airbag, traction control, and an adjustable upper front belt, along with numerous other advanced safety devices that will give you the peace of mind needed before hitting the road.


Let's look now at the Honda Accord. The Honda Accord has been an extremely popular vehicle for the makers of Honda. This sedan styled vehicle also has some terrific safety features to keep both drivers and passengers safe. Some of these features include electronic stability control, 4-Wheel ABS (anti-locking brakes), advanced airbag features with front and side air bags, along with a rear center lap/shoulder belt for extra protection. In crash tests, this vehicle performed very well on frontal impact tests. The vehicle received a five star rating here. For side impact crash tests, the Honda Accord got a respectable four out of five stars on front occupant side impact crash tests, and a five out of five score on rear occupant side crash tests. Best of all, this vehicle received an outstanding five star rating in the rollover resistance category, something that is not easy to accomplish.


We have only mentioned just a few Honda vehicles and their accompanying safety features and ratings. For more Honda safety features on different models, you need to find a quality Honda dealership who knows all the tricks of the trade and how to please their customers. Zimmerman Honda in Rock Island, Illinois has been in business now for 58 years. Our award winning Honda dealership is proud to serve the Quad city area (this includes Moline, Illinois; Davenport, Iowa; and Bettendorf, Iowa). We specialize in selling new and pre-owned vehicles at competitive prices and even offer special finance offers for those who qualify. If you are looking for great customer service and detailed explanations about Honda safety, come and see us at Zimmerman Honda in Rock Island, Illinois. We will not disappoint you in any area of our service departments and are ready to assist you in your selection for a new or pre-owned vehicle.