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Honda does not disappoint in the style category. Different Honda models come with their own unique style and accommodations. We will take a closer look at Honda style in some select vehicles and show people why Honda remains one of the most popular choices, when it comes to purchasing a new car. First up is the Honda Accord Sedan. The exterior portion of this vehicle is commanding and shows off its full size sedan style. The high performance look and feel of the vehicle and doors that open up very wide for entry and exit are just a few of the cool outside features that will greet you when viewing this vehicle. You can customize your Honda Accord by implementing a potent 271 horsepower V-6 engine for extra power and performance, and you will also have a choice between a 5-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission. Interior features come with a climate control device, so drivers can set it to make the vehicle as comfortable as possible from a temperature standpoint. There is also ample seating space in this vehicle, and cozy leather trimmed seating for extra comfort. Rear seat passengers can take advantage of a center armrest that folds downward, along with a rear HVAC vent to keep them comfortably cool.


How about the gorgeous Civic SI Sedan? This sporty looking vehicle has its own unique style, with high performance ratings on the road and a driver oriented cockpit region that comes equipped with a leather wrapped steering wheel, USB Audio Interface, and high quality sports seats for extreme comfort. This vehicle has an aggressive, aerodynamic shape to it that is sure to grab your attention, and this aggressive look is augmented by 17-inch alloy wheels and fog lights so the driver can see in poor weather conditions. The front grille is bold and appealing, and there is also a rear wing spoiler, which brings out rear deck embellishment and gives the driver better overall performance out on the road.


Now let's look at a hybrid model from Honda. The Insight Hybrid from Honda is paving the way toward the future of Honda. The vehicle even has a futuristic looking appearance on the exterior. Cool looking LED brake lights make it easier for other drivers to see your vehicle when you are stopping, and the sleek exterior design is something that definitely stands out in its own class. There is a cool audio system inside, so you can jam to all your favorite tunes while driving a fuel efficient vehicle that is environmentally friendly. In addition, there is also a 60/40 split fold-down seat in the rear portion of the vehicle to enhance maximum space, along with an Eco Assist feature that will increase fuel economy. This innovative system actually provides you feedback on how to drive more efficiently, and it also comes equipped with an Econ button that allows you to augment your vehicle's fuel efficiency.


So where do you go when you are looking for a unique Honda style vehicle that will suit your specific requirements? Well Zimmerman Honda in Rock Island, Illinois is one dealership that stands out among many across the country. Besides having a great lineup of Honda styled vehicles, this award winning dealership is completely devoted to giving you the best customer service in the business. You will be treated like gold at Zimmerman Honda, because at Zimmerman Honda we not only value your business, we care about you as an individual and want to ensure you are completely satisfied with your vehicle purchase. We offer new and pre-owned vehicles at great prices, and are proud to serve the Quad city region (including Moline, Ill.; Davenport, Iowa; and Bettendorf, Iowa). Our company has been in business for 58 years now, and we want to see another 58 years ahead of us as we train new and bright upcoming professionals to take over our business as others retire and move on. Zimmerman Honda knows all about Honda style, so don't be shy, ask any question you feel is necessary before deciding on what kind of car you want to purchase, and let the experts at Zimmerman Honda do all the rest!